I’ve taken these photos of this Chinese theatre in a pretty remote place of Bangkok’s China Town, in Samphanthawong District, the day before Māgha Pūjā. It’s an important Buddhist festival celebrated on the Full Moon Day in February. The spiritual aims of the day are: not to commit any kind of sin; do only good; purify one’s mind. I’ve met them before in another corner of China Town, at the Night Flower Market on the 1st of January 2014, on my first day ever in Thailand. We couldn’t really communicate verbally, so I don’t have any information on what they used to perform, but I guess it’s somehow related to the bigger holidays. There were not many people watching them, only 3 or 4. The stage was built in an empty parking lot between the river and the Chinese Temple, marked on the map above. That was my last day after one and half month in Thailand. They saw that I rumble around with my cam and invited me to the backstage. It was a very friendly and unique atmosphere. I don’t know how much time and energy does it take to do such make up for themselves (no make up person!), bring all these clothes to the location, build the stage, set up the sound (it’s an opera-like thing) to be able to play enthusiastically for all these four people and me. But it’s a fabulous tradition that they keep lively and, as you see the youngster on my photo, pass to the new generation. I envy them.